iMSPORT is a one-stop-solution broadcast provider for any event owner who is looking for exposures of their events.


To make sports games enjoyable and available to whoever, wherever, and whenever.


To produce the best-possible sport broadcast of your Games in any forms and deliver it to any audience in any screen available.



Francis Wanandi

A sports enthusiast and an entrepreneur, Francis co-founded iMSPORT where he becomes shareholder and is now serving as president commissioner.

Deborah H. Sadrach

Debora, or often called Debby, is serving as iMSPORT’s commissioner. She was the director of Unilever Indonesia, and now also acts as Unilever commissioner.

Linda Wahyudi

A devoted sport broadcast specialist, Linda has been in this field for more than 30 years and counting. As the Founder of iMSPORT, she is now both commissioner and the only mastermind for iMSPORT’s Rights Distribution.

Lim Hok Goan

Hokgoan co-founded iMSPORT and was the director of the financial department. He is now serving as commissioner and one of the shareholders.


Rahmat Edi Irawan

REI is iMSPORT’s CEO who oversees its business and operations. He was Trans7’s production manager for 11 years and he joined NET TV as Vice President of Services until 2019.

Devina Ardelia

Devina is iMSPORT’s COO who is mostly in charge of paperwork and project management. She has joined Linda and her team in several single events and multi-events in Indonesia.

Ruby Madjid

Ruby is iMSPORT’s Content Productions Manager, who became the first news camerawoman in Indonesia, as rewarded by MURI in 1994. She was the head department of Cameraman News & Documenter in RCTI and MNC Media for total of 15 years.


Priyono is our broadcast technical consultant. He is the man behind all broadcast production, as he is the Technical Engineer for any Broadcast centers, both single and multi-events.